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Major update

Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2003 ~~ 8:39 am

Well, I supposed I've been pretty bad about not writing in my diary. I've just been so busy lately.

What's happened? I've handed over leadership of my book club because I just can't keep up with them anymore and keep up with Matthew's school schedule. I decided to sell my house. I've been packing like crazy. I've been fighting off the sinus migraine's daily. I've got 2 new kittens that are raunchy & fun to get into all of my packing stuff. I've got 2 existing cats that aren't really appreciating the kittens and their energy levels very much. My house is in shambles while I'm packing and I can't stand it.

I've been progressing with the fight against the panic attacks. It's slow but every little bit of progress helps. When I move, I'll be outside of my "safe zone" for driving which will be my biggest challenge. The cool part is that once I establish my new "safe zone" it will connect with my existing "safe zone" thus doubling my driving abilities. The connecting point is Johnathon's office. If I can make it to his office from the new place, then I've just connected the two zones. This means I should be able to drive comfortably through both zones.

I'm looking forward to the move. It looks like Sharon might be able to get the house! This is wonderful considering that I bought the damned thing for her to begin with. Then she married Blaine & I got stuck with this thing. She'll get her house and I'll be living right next door to Denice & Xeth. I'll be far enough away to prevent Mom from stopping over all of the time but I'll still be close enough that she can visit some of the time (if she calls ahead). Matthew is excited because it's closser to his favorite book store & more fast food places than where we live now.

We had to take my truck in to the dealer on Monday for a safety recall on the driver's seat recliner locking mechanism. Apparently, Ford has found that some Explorers have defective parts in this area which may cause the mechanism to break and fully recline while driving, thus causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. So, they kept it for two days and fixed the thing. Now it feels like my seat is so rigid it will never recline. Oh well, at least it won't break and cause an accident.

Well, I'd better get off my butt and get my shower so I can get busy packing and making my phone calls for the day.

Listening To: Kittens rolling and growling on the floor.
Thinking About: What to pack next.
Goal for Today: Call Oakwood & find out new monthly mortgage for Sharon

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