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Good morning to me!

Monday, May. 05, 2003 ~~ 9:12 am

Morning, feeling better than I did yesterday. I don't think I slept any longer but I feel more refreshed than the last couple of days. It isn't that I want to sleep too much, I just want to be able to wake up in the morning and feel as if I've really slept well.

Matthew is at school. Scotty is still in Cali. I think that I might finally get those arches up over my Bougainvillas today. I've been soaking the ground for a couple of hours. I need to pull the weeds while I'm out there. Once I get the arches up, I'll have to tie the branches so they'll grow up and over the arches. I think I might actually get to that sewing that I've been wanting to do.

I need to get to the bank this morning and get my lot rent/utilities paid. Then, I'll come back and get the marinade going for the Brats. We didn't get to BBQ last night because I wanted Mom to be there and she was caught up in getting her entertainment center installed. So, we'll grill out tonight instead.

I am feeling pretty good so far today. I just have to prevent myself from sitting on my ass. Once I start sitting on my ass, I just can't seem to get anything done. I really am addicted to movies.

Well, off to start my day..........

Listening To: Construction noises outside
Thinking About: Putting on Willenium
Goal for Today: Drive during the daylight hours!

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